SWD PES is comprehensive production planning and supply chain management tool

We always deliver our system solutions with utmost understanding of the client’s business, compliance requirements, and potential issues. Our staff are experts in production process development and supply chain optimization and they know how to adjust our existing systems to the particular client’s needs. We measure our success by the improvements in our clients’ production process, supply chains and enhanced revenue.

SWDPES is our APS & Shopfloor solution.  The SWDPES System improves planning accuracy, minimizes the amount of manual labour, automatically optimizes the selected plan, and visualizes the data into an easily understandable form. This efficient and transparent process enhances the flow of information, supply security, and profitability throughout the entire supply chain.

The system leverages advanced optimization and simulation technologies, as well as enables what-if simulation. Our system deliveries are based on a conceptualized project completion model, and in addition we provide full integration and implementation support. Our modular product architecture enables easy functional extensions, updates and maintenance, and our constant product development with new versions and functions guarantees the product a long lifecycle and secure operation