Lean Services for the Development of Production and Logistics

Our Lean Services Team consists of people with years of experience from various branches and in-depth knowledge of both production and logistics. They are analytical and mathematical visionaries who aspire to solve our clients’ everyday challenges.

We provide solutions for improving profitability and streamlining business activities. The aim of our consulting services is to make production and logistics efficient. Our experts can also help you with making investments decisions and securing investment capacity.

We enhance our analyses and decision-making by simulation and optimization. With our concept methods, we achieve our clients’ goals both within schedule and in a cost-effective way.  Making decisions and convincing stakeholders is easier when particular issues can be discussed based on simulations models.

We managed to pinpoint the bottlenecks of different stages of production. In addition, we were able to analyse their significance and assess the changes that can help distribute the burden of bottleneck resources with the means of production development.
Matti Ketonen, Vice President, Business Development, Metsä Board