Energy efficiency is a vital key to the cost efficiency in steel industry

21.10.2017 Blog

SWD has been one of the EU-Morse (Model-based optimisation for efficient use of resources and energy) project’s selected companies since the beginning of October 2017. I have had a leading role in planning our contribution to the whole project. The mission of the four year Morse project is to develop model-based, predictive raw material and energy optimisation tools for the whole process route. This approach will be demonstrated primarily in steel industry, to increase yield and product quality in production which will substantially increase cost efficiency of the steel industry. We are excited to get the project started and to utilise our expertise in optimisation.

Together with SSAB Europe Raahe division’s Process Development Manager Jarmo Lilja we wrote down our views on cost effective steel industry production.

The whole article can be accessed from here.


Author is SWD’s Senior Solutions Architect, MESA recognised practioner Kimmo Kanninen.