Efficient production planning and supply chain optimization for the manufacturing industry

SW-Development is a software and consulting company that was founded in Tampere, Finland, a little over 20 years ago. We started out using simulation models to develop the processes of the pulp and paper industry. We soon found out that these companies would benefit from digitalization to streamline their production, and as a result, we developed the SWDPES System to cater to their needs in addition to our expert consulting services.

Over the years, we have grown from a small company to a team of over 30 professionals, and all this time, we have been a profitable, solid family-owned company.  Since the beginning, we have expanded our business into several branches and gained experience of working with streamlining the production of both small and large companies. In addition to Finland, we now operate in Sweden, Russia, and the Baltic countries.  The SWD team consists of industrial engineering and software development experts.

Based on our solid experience, we know that an optimal production planning requires extensive knowledge about the state of the supply chain, as well as understanding about the company’s operation models. Our priority is making our clients benefit from streamlining their production and supply chains. Our experience of developing production processes in various branches enables us to tackle any challenges our clients might face. We carry out all projects with transparency, quality, and with focus on the client’s particular needs.

How System Development and Lean Services complement each other

SWD’s operations are divided into two units: System Development and Lean Services Unit, that complement each other with their expertise and technical and mathematical solutions.

Our Lean Services experts help companies recognize and analyse their critical business points, challenges and opportunities by providing solutions that improve profitability and business operations.  We base our analyses on simulation and optimization models. Learn more about our Lean Services.

With the SWDPES System, we are able to organize the client’s data in to an advanced visual form, after which it becomes easy to adopt and share. As a result, the information can be easily distributed throughout the entire supply chain. With this system and our experts’ strong experience of production development, we are able to achieve significant improvements in production optimization, knowledge-based management and competitive advantage. Learn more about our solutions